Workshop 'INTRA' (4th) linked with ISI2016

ISI 2016 Program Overview – 3-7 october 2016

The final program of ISI 2016 is now available, (scroll down to reach the bottom page), it includes scientific sessions on all aspects of isotopomers. The 2016 program includes several novel features:

-Poster sessions are given a central role, with two sessions scheduled right after lunch on Monday and Tuesday;

-Each session will start by a 30 min tutorial presentation by recognized experts, who will summarize the main features and challenges in their respective fields. This will be followed by regular oral presentations selected from the submitted abstracts;

-The conference dinner will include a special tribute to Professors Gérard and Maryvonne Martin, highlighting their pioneering 1981 paper establishing the foundations for obtaining 2H isotopomer profiles in organic molecules by NMR.

Keynote tutorial Speakers:

  Session « Authentication » :
Dr Michèle Lees , former Director Collaborative Research at Eurofins, Nantes, France
( )
  Session « Climate change » :
Dr Graham Farquhar , Distinguished Professor at The Australian National University (ANU)
( )
  Session « Atmospheric sciences 1» :
Dr Mark Thiemens
, Distinguished Professor of The University of California, San Diego
( )
  Session « Atmospheric sciences 2» :
Dr Becky Alexander
, Associate Professor at the University of Washington
( )
  Session « Molecular processes and isotopomics» :
Dr Roland A. Werner
, Isotope Lab Manager, ETH Zurich
( )
  Session « Methodological developments» :
Dr John Eiler
, Robert P. Sharp Professor at California Institute of Technology
( )
  Session « Planetary sciences and environment» :
Dr Kate Freeman
, Distinguished Professor at The Pennsylvania State University
( )
  Session « Biogeosciences» :
Dr Alexis Gilbert
, Project Assistant Professor at The Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
( )


The program:

   The program for printing version (pdf)

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